Servers Security Updated, All client Links updated to latest Version!              Compensation Period begins from Saturday 27th May - Sunday 11 June 2023 For all players affected by our DATA LOSS!              Earth Server x5000 Season 6 IS NOW LIVE!

Earn Real Life Rewards!

Participate in our Real Life Rewards competitions!

Multi-Rate Servers
Freebies with Every CHAR!
Nostalgia is BACK!

Internet Cafe times are remarkable, and we value these moments with certainty. We preserve the best moments Spectral Mu
We have items, mobs, events, maps and communities. All of our items are inspired by custom private servers, which will mark the generation of Mu Online

О чем эта игра?
PLAY 2 EARN - Real Life reward competitions!

Play our Server with your own Skills with our perfectly balanced system regarding F2Play and P2WIN balance!

Реворк баф-системы и баланса
Lucky Wheel System and much more!

We have plenty of features available in our Season 6 Servers! Lucky Wheel, Daily Rewards, Battle Pass, Jewels Bank, Pentagram Buffs, Freebies and many more! and Many More to Come!
Feature List

Клан не функция — клан это семья
Balanced PVP

Balanced PVP System (Player vs Player)
All Classes adjusted to fight vs each other equally!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Players have a choice between 2 Seasons at the moment.
Season 6 e17 with Full items and events up-to Season 18
With Multi Rate Servers Within 1 Client!
And Season 18 Part 3 Fully Standard Server
With Multi Rate Servers Within 1 Client

Season 6 Server Season 18 Server

Yes Donation Function is available but no WEBSHOP.
1. Donated Coins can be spent in-game stores.
2. Coins can be spent to buy VIP.
3. Coins Can be spent in X-SHOP.
4. Coins Can be Spent in Lucky Wheel System.

All items can be acquired in-game!

This function is only availabler to Season 6 Server
Press Battle Pass button on top of screen and purchase your reward with stars
Stars can be earned with Resets and Master Resets

All Coins can be earned in-game via events and Boss Kills and Vote Reward

We only allow maximum of 2 Game Clients at the same time!

Please make sure you use our latest Game VERSION! which is displayed on top of our Client!

Please make sure you follow our Guides regarding Launcher issues!

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